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Are you a cloth wipe convert yet? I was on the modern cloth nappy (MCN) bandwagon from the get-go but it took me several months to get on board with reusable cloth wipes as well. At first the thought never even crossed my mind, then the thought of it was a bit icky and just all too hard. Finally, once I’d mastered the cloth nappies, I thought I may as well give reusable cloth wipes a go too and I have never looked back. It’s so easy and makes so much sense! I wish I’d used cloth wipes from day dot actually – it saves me so much money (think about how many packets of wipes you go through each month at several dollars a pop) and being chemical free it is, of course, so much better for the environment and for bub’s bottom (and my hands).

So Bambooby Buddies make beautiful reusable cloth wipes which, unlike the washers I’d previously been using on bub’s butt, are actually super soft and silky smooth. They look lovely too, coming in fashionable chevron prints of pink, blue or yellow. One side is absorbent, plush bamboo velour (70% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 2% polyester) and the other side is 100% cotton minky fleece. The benefits of using bamboo fibres are many, including being more eco-friendly than cotton because of the quick growth and higher yields of the bamboo plant, and bamboo’s naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties.

Bambooby Buddies don’t just make reusable wipes either. They started off making reusable bamboo breast pads, and I was also lucky enough to receive one of their pretty burp clothes (very similar to the reuasable wipes but longer, and different prints on the fabric). The burp cloth has been super useful but I did find I needed to wear this in, with a few cycles in the washing machine and low dryer, so the spit up didn’t just slide right off the smooth minky cloth!

It took a couple of uses and washes to ‘wear in’ the wipes too and for them to reach their peak absorbency, but they’re perfect now. I got a pack of four and definitely need to invest in a few more mulit-packs packs. The stitching/hemming is high quality and the edges have held up strongly without fraying. Because they’re so soft and smoth they’ll make great face and hand wipes too for after meals etc, so I think I’ll separate a certain colour for hands and face, and use the other colours as nappy wipes.

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Are you a cloth wipe convert yet? I was on the modern cloth nappy (MCN) bandwagon from the get-go but it took me several..." />