Breastfeeding must haves


What do I need for breastfeeding? What will make it easier? They are some tough questions to answer! For some it is smooth sailing and pain free but for most it involves cracked and bleeding nipples. This can be from inverted nipples or a poor latch. I probably had the worst possible experience with breastfeeding so I think I am a good representative for the things you’ll need-worst case scenario.

Let me just say that even if it is painful there is a light at the end! I cried and shook with pain every time he fed. About 2 weeks in he vomited blood and I was hospitalised with severe Mastitis. It doesn’t get much worse than what I went through. ¬†As soon as I was put on antibiotics and used nipple shields for 24hrs I felt amazing and the pain started to go. 8 months on and we are going strong! I plan to breastfeed for as long as he wants :)

So these are some things that helped me:

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Milkbar breastfeeding pillow by Fertile mind

This will save your arms and back and get bub into the right position. Definitely worth investing in!





photo 2Bambooby buddies breast pads

These breast pads were amazing because my nipples were pussing and so so sore they would stick to normal plastic disposable breast pads. The bamboo is so super soft. You should try and let your nipple get lots of air and sun but when you have to put them away use these breast pads :)









601062_Front_2D-1Nipple shields!

These really helped bub with his latch and stopped the cracks from opening too much (I’m probably scaring the shit out of you…sorry). I don’t think they really took the pain away but they did help them heal. They are a little tricky to use but well worth it. Oh and before you send hubby out to get some note that there are two sizes small and large.





cocofbCoconut oil & Lansinoh!

I used this stuff religiously! Coconatural make handy 50ml tubs which are great for popping in the handbag or nappybag. Both coconatural and lansinoh are brilliant for healing and soothing sore, cracked nipples so stock up!





thera-pearl-3-in-1-breast-therapy-500_500_500Gel disks

I never actually used these but they look great. I just used a heat pack before feeding. I found if I made it really hot and put it around my neck it helped take my mind off the pain.



Lastly EAT WELL & DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Its a good idea to make a Breastfeeding survival kit before going into hospital. Put in some lollies to suck on, Lansinoh, bamboo breast pads..anything you think will help. I love this toiletry bag from Apple & Bee!


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What do I need for breastfeeding? What will make it easier? They are some tough questions to answer! For some it is smooth sailing..." />