Kiinde review- genius breastmilk storage solution!

“The Kiinde Twist is a really cool innovation. I was happy to see that it was compatible with a wide range of pump brands (so there’s no need to fork out for a new one). It was really easy to use and putting the bottle together was really simple. I was thrilled to know that not one precious drop of liquid gold was going to be lost with the screw top pouches. The ┬ápouches are also recyclable – bonus!
I was disappointed with the storage bag organizer as it didn’t fit my generic freezer. I would love to see this feature improved, perhaps by making it stackable like an office document tray. There is also a LOT of stuff in the kit, in particular the adapters. These should be sold separately so you can pick and choose the right one for your pump. There’s enough paraphernalia hanging around when you have a baby! I also had a little trouble getting the teat to flow once the bottle was assembled.
Overall this is a great concept – perfect for the mum who expresses frequently!”
Andrea- Mum of 1



“I originally looked at purchasing the Kiinde before I got the opportunity to review it, I needed something simple and practical for my return to work. I use a Medala twin breast pump but found the transfer of milk from the bottle to storage bags a pain and time consuming. For me the Kiinde made this simpler and allowed my breast feeding journey to continue while entering the work force again. It also reduced my impact on the environment as previous storage bags weren’t reusable.
The disadvantages for me were the large storage system as I already have a bulk supply of stored milk in my freezer and it is quite small. It would also be more straight forward if you could just get the attachment needed for your pump rather than all of them. It took a bit for my baby to use the bottle as he is an independent bottle feeder and was used to his bottle but if this was the first one introduced to him it would have been an easier for him.
I found it to be an excellent product and highly recommend it to anyone who is expressing breast milk!”

Haich- mum of 1

“Hi, I reviewed the Kiinde Twist. I found this product to be a great time saver by cutting down on transferring milk from bottle to bag and back to bottle. This means my baby can be fed sooner. The Kiinde twist is so simple to use and attach to the pump, the teat is great and also easy to clean. I would recommend this product to any nursing Mum that has a need to pump.”
Alison- mum of 1


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“The Kiinde Twist is a really cool innovation. I was happy to see that it was compatible with a wide range of pump brands..." />