Toddler must haves


 Toddlers are a lot of fun! With these favourites you’ll keep them entertained for hours :)


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Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies! We learnt this when sent us some fun cutters to review. We started off with the basics, toast and fruit, then we went on to cut cheese, sweet potato, eggs and anything else we could think of. My 2 year old is a bit fussy so these really got her interested in her food. She chatted away to the animals and told little stories. Sweet potato dinosaurs were her favourite (and mine).




Brikbag review

The Brikbag from BeOrganised is a one stop, simple but genius solution to those “ahhhh LEGO ow ow ow,” moments. I reviewed this with the help of Liam, my 4 year old. He is at the age where he loves building things, but is feeling grown up and wants to take on more responsibility, so the Brikbag makes it really easy for him to keep it from under foot.






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Zooba review

You and your child will love Zooba! The Zooba makes exercising fun and they don’t even know they are doing it. Its an any day toy meaning rain or shine they can use the Zooba. Because its soft and bouncy it wont damage your floors, walls or child ;)






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Alta bean bags review

What kid doesn’t love a bean bag!? They are the perfect addition to a playroom, reading corner or theatre room. I must admit I wasn’t a huge fan of beanbags before this because I had bought cheap, nasty beanbags that didn’t look too great and eventually one split a hole and it snowed white beans through my lounge room. So when these bean bags arrived fromAlta Bean bags I was very impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the fabric and also the length they had gone to to ensure no beans would ever escape (see video).





ABC funpad review

Today we reviewed ABC Fun Pads Table Cover & Play mat for

ABC Fun Pads Table Cover & Play mat is great for kids of any age, but especially for those who are have just started to move and are still a bit wobbly on their legs because it is padded so it will protect little heads from those sharp corners.
The fun mat is reversible – there is a theme on one side and the other has been left a blank beige colour.  As the mat is machine washable your little ones can use the blank side as a drawing canvas providing they use washable markers!



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Infoband Review

Anything that makes life safer when you have children is fantastic. We got the opportunity to review Infobands this week.

Infoband is a reusable wrist band for your child that you can write important information on. If you are heading to a busy event, have a diabetic or allergic child or just have a ‘runner’ (I do!) then this product is for you! My two year old loves to run off in the shops as soon as she is free from the pram so I have put my name and number on her Infoband. It’s a good idea to keep it in your handbag so you have it on hand.




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The Mocka joey chair review

Today we were thrilled to review the Mocka Joey chair! When hubby got home I begged him to out it up and it was surprisingly easy as it already had a loop at the top. We chose to put it on the verandah as a place for our 2 yo to chill out and read. She was so eager to test it out and once she was in there she wouldn’t get out! She stayed in there for about an hour and asked for more books now and then. The fabric is thick and hardy and can be machine washed. The pillow insert is very cosy too.







Wheely bug review!

The Wheely bug is such a great product and definitely a toddler fav! Once you have one you will throw away all the plastic ride-on toys you’ve accumulated because the Wheely Bug is so fantastic. My little one had a ball zooming around the house, changing gears with the antennae and cracking up laughing. It is the perfect pressie, you know they will love and use everyday.



Bedsok review

The sleeping bag for beds!! Yes- this is a fitted sheet with a top sheet that zips up!

I love the Bedsok. Its made of 100% cotton and comes in navy stripe and light pink stripe.

It also comes in cot size, single and king single- all with a pillowcase. Before I received myBedsok I wondered if it would be too tight to move when fully zipped up but was very impressed to see a soft elastic ribbing along the top that stretches a lot.


lunch bag

Apple & Bee lunch bag

We reviewed this gorgeous kids lunch bag from I really fell in love! I love how eco friendly the company is and the products are such good quality.

The lunch bag is made of organic cotton with a biodegradable plastic covering. It is easy easy to wipe over which is definitely a must! Inside is a name sticker and mesh pocket on the inside lid.





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Funky Elephant subscription review

Funky Elephant is a trunk full of gender-friendly structured activities delivered to your house on a subscription period of your choice, currently 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription, with a bonus Sibling option where additional materials are included in the trunk to complete 2 of each project for a discounted price of $12.
Aimed at 3 to 7 year old this trunk is guaranteed to keep your kiddies busy!






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Greenkid Stainless bottle review

A 100% plastic free bottle! Greenkid Stainless bottles are bright and practical. We reviewed the conversion system and the small sippy cup.

The conversion bottle is 300 mls and comes with two teats, a nipple teat for 0-6mths and a sippy cup teat for 6mth +. My toddler is in love with this bottle and takes it everywhere. It actually makes her drink more water! As I said they are 100% plastic free and also BPA and phalthate free.

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 Toddlers are a lot of fun! With these favourites you’ll keep them entertained for hours review Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies!..." />