TRENDe-tatts personalised temporary tattoos review


What to do when you are heading out into the city, to someplace unknown with a small child.. or, your child struggles with food sensitivities and need to leave them in someone else’s care? There are so many creative options on the market at the moment, providing parents with some security in situations where their child may get lost, or has an allergy, a medical condition, a disability or simply needs help to remember some important information.

TRENDe-tatts is an Australian based company that customise temporary tattoos. You can select from a range of ready-made tattoos, such as ones that say “Gluten Free”, you can customise your set to be printed with a short message of your choice, such as “My name is Alice, my Epi-pen is in my bag”, or you can get a set of ‘write your own’ tattoos. The latter (demonstrated in the video), is a blank tattoo that you write on once applied, with a permanent marker, this replaces the need for the ol’ fashioned method of simply writing a large phone number up your child’s arm. TRENDe-tatts also have a range of novelty tattoos to choose from.

The tattoos are very easy to apply and remove, you can check out our review for a demonstration and some handy tips! They are all non-toxic and waterproof and I really like how easy it was to customise the tattoos to suit your child’s personality including the colours and shapes. I can bet your kids will feel really special wearing their own set of TRENDe-tatts that have their name on it and their favourite image, I thought this made it particularly helpful as a child is more likely to remember that is where the important information is if they get lost etc. TRENDe-tatts have some really useful information on their website to help families prevent their young children from getting lost and also how to teach them important safety information, head to

When you purchase a set of TRENDe-tatts you’ll receive a set of 10 tattoos (larger packs available for ‘write your own’ sets), in a protective sleeve with a full set of application and safety instructions. The tattoos are of an impressive quality and I was particularly pleased with the longevity and removal of the tattoo on my son’s skin. You’ll pay $14.50 for a set of 10 personalised tattoos and up to $31.50 for a pack of 50 ‘write your own’ tattoos. You can pop in a pack of themed novelty tattoos for $4.00 if you want to have a bit of extra fun – or, you could give a novelty one to your kid’s friends to wear too if you have an older child who may be feeling a bit self conscious!

Having a son myself who has a large number of food intolerances (too many to name!) and also attends a family day care once week, I can vouch for the fact that parents can get an unsettled feeling leaving their kids with someone who isn’t as aware of the contents of many foods and the effects they can have on my child. However if I send him out with his cute little cowboy tattoo, letting his carer know not to give him any food other than his own, I have that extra peace of mind!

Head to to see their full range!

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What to do when you are heading out into the city, to someplace unknown with a small child.. or, your child struggles with food..." />